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Hello and welcome to my website.

A website where I will post my personal experiences, photos and pictures, information about various parts in the SM world, Female Supremacy / FemDom, Links to websites and much more.
Why this website? I wanted to create a website where you can find various information about the many aspects of SM. There are indeed many sites that provide information, but I found that most aspects are scattered about these sites. A newcomer often has to visit many sites to find information. Now I want to try to make a compact site on this website where the aspects of the Sm are listed under 1 website. Note that there will also be things that I / everyone does not like or want to be aware of, or even aware that there are enthusiasts. If you don't want to read or see it, just don't click on those buttons.
I try to write everything myself with my own words, some from personal experience and most from science over the years.
Do you have a website and would you like to have it promoted here? That is possible, just send an email via the email button with the link from U / u website and this will be posted here as soon as possible with a nice review. I am not asking for anything so there are no costs involved. Event websites are also possible or if you / you are in the cam sector and so on.
The website is now fully operational, it will be worked on daily (especially during the weekend) and new things will be posted.
You can find and see everything under the various buttons.
slut wishes you a lot of reading and watching pleasure and a comment under the comment button would be welcome. Of course it can also be feedback.
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